Company Name: Myraben Limited
Address: Pompiias 11
City: Nicosia
Trade Register number in: Cyprus
Company number: ΗΕ 384537
Company director: Georgios Christodoulou
Email address: [email protected]
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In accordance with a chain of legal responsibilities and laws, Myraben Limited, as a member of the EU and the FATF, is required to implement the anti-money laundering policies of the EU and the FATF in its business practices. Several laws have been established to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

The products and services of Myraben Limited are subject to this policy and to the measures detailed in this document to detect and prevent fraud or the financing of terrorism. The strategies and techniques used by Myraben Limited are based on the advice and recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (hereafter FATF) and the Bank Secrecy Act (hereafter BSA).

In accordance with FATF recommendations, Myraben Limited implements anti-money laundering processes.
Damage caused by the use of these policies and conditions will not be covered by Myraben Limited or its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers or agents.

All procedures must be risk-based in accordance with FATF recommendations.
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations are adhered to by the following company: Myraben Limited.

What you need to know
An Anti-Money Laundering (AML) training program aims to teach employees the criminal and legal aspects of money laundering, as well as the investigative techniques that can be used to stop it.

Fraudulent financial flows can be spotted when customers' online activities are monitored. Myraben Limited requires regular monitoring of each customer's activities as a preventive measure. Using historical activity tracking, this monitoring can help identify transactions that do not match the customer's transaction history.

Customers are required to provide personal information throughout the ordering process, including:
- (last name and first name)
- full address (including city and state);
-phone number

Myraben Limited thus verifies that customer information has been provided or that other means have been taken to generate appropriate confirmation of the customer's identity before providing services or products.

Myraben Limited keeps a record of all documents and information it receives from customers in order to identify them in the future (KYC policy requirements). Myraben Limited has the legal right to retain records for at least five years. An AML authority, such as the FATF, may decide to extend the retention period for documents.
Myraben Limited reserves the right to share customer information with law enforcement and AML law enforcement agencies as part of any investigation of alleged misconduct.

Last update: 05.05.2022 


Company: Myraben Limited
VAT #: 10384537R
Registration #: ΗΕ 384537

  • Address: Pompiias 11
  • City: Nicosia
  • Zip: 1022
  • Country: Cyprus
  • Phone: 442045387856
  • Mail: [email protected]